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2019 Craft group New Year start mobilization will be held successfully!

Brand information
2019/02/21 14:15
On February 20, the "2019 start and mobilization meeting" of crafit group was successfully held in houjie international hotel. Chairman of crafit group Lin binghui, general manager of the first business department Lin xukun, general manager of the second business department Lin xutao, middle and senior management personnel and staff representatives of all business departments attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the group office of anhaiqiang.
This conference kicked off in a display of team spirit with high morale. The orderly queue, steady pace and loud and clear slogan not only reflected the strong team cohesion of crafit people, but also revealed the determination to create more brilliant achievements in the New Year.
Cause a team style
Second career team style
At the beginning of the meeting, chairman of the crafit group Mr. Lin binghui delivered a speech. Chairman Lin extended New Year greetings to everyone, and then clarified the group's key policy in 2019: "continue to adhere to the quality first; Continue to focus on data in work, plans and meetings; Insist on no reason; "And pointed out that in 2019, we should pay close attention to product quality and service quality. We hope that we can cherish the platform and seize the opportunity to achieve greater success under the guidance of the group's policy.
Chairman of the board Mr. Lim binghui delivered a speech
Subsequently, Mr. Anhaiqiang Shared how to become an excellent manager in the contemporary society, how to develop the wisdom of the team and the enterprise together, and his wonderful sharing benefited us a lot.
Group do Mr Anhaiqiang wonderful share
Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of the first business department, stressed that in 2019, we should continue to follow the "general outline of the three-year plan", take "customization of the whole house" and "excellence in research and development" as the focus of annual work, give full play to our "thinking, learning, team and execution", and make joint development with the company to a new level.
Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of the first business department, delivered a speech
Mr. Lin xutao, general manager of the second business department, made a summary of the work in 2018, pointed out the deficiencies in the management process in 2018, and said that in 2019, we will continue to innovate and change the "business model", and make "whole-house customization" and "engineering development" become the profit growth points of the company.
Mr. Lin xutao, general manager of the second business division, delivered a speech
In the meeting, chairman Lin binghui appointed senior management cadres and issued a letter of appointment, asked everyone to lead by example, lead by example, play a good role model.
Appointment ceremony of management personnel of the enterprise division
Appointment ceremony of management personnel of the second division
All the management take an oath
In the past year, crafit has been developing steadily and healthily. In order to recognize the outstanding employees, the group presented awards and commendations to the advanced employees in this conference. We are grateful for your efforts and efforts. In addition, the meeting also announced the company's new policy and incentive mechanism in 2019, encouraging everyone to be aggressive, pioneering and innovative, and continue to write brilliant.
"crafit annual sales elite award"
crafit craftsman award
Finally, chairman Lin binghui made a summary of the meeting and called on everyone to strive for wisdom, hard work, play the team spirit, high starting point, high standards, high quality to complete the objectives and tasks, and create a new chapter of the group's development!
After the end of the meeting, the participants began to drink wine, work together!
2019, together, to create a better future!