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Do not zhen, do not meet, master China furniture customization will soon appear in March exhibition!

Brand information
2019/03/13 09:36
March 16 -20, the 41st international furniture (dongguan) exhibition will be held in guangdong modern international exhibition center, at the appointed time, high-end solid wood furniture brand - master China will take the opportunity of the exhibition to launch a new upgrade service - complete customization, to meet the consumer's imagination of home and the pursuit of high quality life!
Whole set to make the rationale homesick
Nowadays, people's consumption demand develops towards the direction of individuation, fashion and convenience. Master furniture of China complies with the development trend of the market, comprehensively improves the service system, and initiates "complete customization", that is, one-stop home furnishing service mode.
This model include the design, construction, decoration plate, hutch defends, furniture, and other categories, integration of fresh air system, water system, security system and so on household system, standardization, industrialization, modular construction way to implement the soft outfit, outfit, harmonious and unified, whole furniture both simplify the procedure of decoration, decorate to reduce pollution, and accord with the aesthetic demand of users, realize the dream of "bag check in".
Based on the series of "JANE" by master hua, the booth of "decoration and customization" plans a high-end italian-style living space, simulating people's real living environment. From local decoration to overall creation, from jewelry display to hard decoration, every detail will bring unexpected happiness to visitors.
The product line is fully open and multi-development
After 37 years of painstaking research and innovation, master China has formed seven product lines of BONN, JANE, big family, beauty, artisan, Nordic philosophy and wujin era, covering various Spaces such as living room, bedroom, study, dining room and teahouse. In this exhibition, master China furniture will show more linkage, display rich product line layout, to meet the needs of more customers.
BONN - pure German style style
Booth: B06, B08, 3rd floor, expo garden, hall 9
JANE-- simple meaning -- Italian style
Booth: hall 1, A20; Hall 9, 3rd floor, expo garden, A01
HAN'S -- fashionable and contemporary Chinese style furniture
Booth: B01, 3rd floor, expo park, hall 9
Meesm--The beauty of the style is stylish American style furniture
Booth: A02, 3rd floor, expo park, hall 9
Originality -- Nordic style wood furniture
Booth: hall 9, 2nd floor, expo garden, A02
Northern Europe -- modern solid wood furniture
Booth: A01, 2nd floor, expo park, hall 9
Ebony--The setting is set by a wood setting setting
Booth: huayi master flagship store on the second floor of houjie hengfeng furniture expo center
Sincere contract see total spectrum wealth did not come
The 41st international furniture (dongguan) exhibition has entered the countdown, China master furniture "custom" mode to add, endow terminal stores more creativity and support point, will bring the fusion of brand value, become the door of the wealth of the new password!
March 16-20
A20, hall 1, 41st international furniture fair
Master China furniture complete customization
The ultimate ChengQi
Wait for king's landing