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Master China furniture 2019 dealers enjoy wine party held successfully!

Brand information
2019/03/16 22:13
Teacher tonight, China furniture "redefining ready to customize the 41st famous exhibition" dealers enjoy held a grand reception at the luxury hotel, company general manager Lin Xukun, everything brand director Zhang Shuyan Zhu Xiaokun, marketing center general manager attended the event, such as the head of the company and distributors from all over the country friends and employee representatives gathered, plan for development.
Mr. An haiqiang, senior consultant of huahui group, presided over the reception and delivered a speech, in which he extended a warm welcome to all the dealers coming from afar and expressed his sincere thanks for your long-term support and cooperation.
Anhaiqiang, senior consultant of hua hui group
Master then, China furniture general manager Mr Lin Xukun master brand strategy made China share, pointed out that China master new upgrade "ready to customize" service model is the product of new consumer market environment, also responded to government efforts to finished goods residential advocacy, "ready to customize and finished product furniture" will for all partners to expand the new profit point.
Lin xukun, general manager of China master furniture
Then, Mr. Zhang shuyan, brand director of anythingjia, explained in detail the "whole case integrated landing system". The industrial home decoration mode based on the design platform and big data architecture can promote the transformation of enterprises. As far as the end users are concerned, it can not only realize the dream of carrying bags, but also has stronger practicability.
Zhang shuyan, brand director of anyijia
Mr. Zhu xiaokun, general manager of China master marketing center, Shared the theme of "choice is greater than effort, action determines the future". Facing more fierce market competition and more complex market environment, we can only go forward bravely to be the king. The wonderful sharing inspired the dealers on the scene.
Zhu xiaokun, general manager of China master furniture marketing center
Finally, the marketing center all members of the team style show, show "wholeheartedly for the dealer service" sincerity and determination.
In the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the furniture of master China and the new and old dealers celebrate with a toast and look forward to the brilliant career together!