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Direct hit | master furniture customization surprised yao landing, mode upgrade can be expected in the future!

Brand information
2019/03/16 21:54
Today, the 41st international furniture (dongguan) exhibition, which will last for 5 days, is officially launched. The newly upgraded "complete customization" of master China furniture makes a splendid debut, and delivers the healthy and environmental protection, delicate and fashionable life concept to the audience through the indoor and outdoor real scene space layout.
China masters ready "customization" is located in the guangdong modern international exhibition center hall 1 layer 1 A20 booths and 500 square meters exhibition area covers the sitting room, bedroom, study, restaurant, cloakroom, such as the living space, every detail, fine grinding, every display special attention, fully embodies advanced sense of Italian life and delicate feeling.
Practical space planning, high appearance level product design, fine hardware processing... Attracting visitors to stop, or touch the texture, or observe the structure, or try to sit experience, booth bustling, full of people.
"Craftsmanship, meticulous cultivation", 37 years of furniture product research and development experience, many years of home planning practice, pouring "master China" brand name card, and "customized" to shine, not only is master China service upgrade masterpiece, but also to promote the fusion of brand value, to achieve common prosperity of enterprises and business powerful lever!
The 41st international famous furniture (dongguan) exhibition will last until 20th, welcome to have the idea, has the ambition, the pattern furniture person to come to discuss!