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By courtesy of the deep affection, not MSC master ┃ China furniture exhibition in March brilliant!

Brand information
2019/03/21 01:32

Yesterday, the 41st international furniture (dongguan) exhibition has come to a close. Thanks to the support and love of all the new and old customers, master China furniture is in full bloom and is well known throughout the country!

If there is no quality, there is no value

Quality determines value. Master hua knows the way of development. 37 years of focus on solid wood furniture research and development and manufacturing, quality control from the source, the selection of high-quality raw materials, each process excellence, the aesthetic concept and practical performance into an inch by inch, to create more in line with the modern living style of furniture, brand voice throughout the country.



Nothing can be new without originality

It is the pursuit of master hua to pay attention to quality of life and advocate fashionable and healthy life philosophy. Take this mission, China master bold innovation in the market changes, grasp the tidal current pulse with keen sense of touch, from the popular elements of fashion, in the process continuously improve, escalating on select material, with creative design to bring new life and the connotation of the original wood, band and change the way of our life style and behavior, and this change, let us a better life.


No progress without progress

From the little-known furniture workshop to the well-known high-end solid wood furniture enterprises, we see the strength of 37 years of perseverance; From "furniture products" to "complete customization + finished furniture" gorgeous transformation, we believe that only continuous progress, in the new situation and new challenges in front of thick and thin, leading the industry!


If there is no pattern, there is no overall situation

All the long waiting, is for this moment of glory; All the careful planning is to meet with you in the most mature attitude. When the real estate good policy came out one after another, when more and more hardcover housing to the market, at this time found that "custom" is releasing market dividends. Adhering to the 37 years of craftsmanship quality, master China "custom + finished furniture" will be explosive development of new home furnishing retail, will certainly bright future!