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Master Hua customized, create a better life!

2019/04/25 17:08


The 41st China furniture exhibition master "complete customization" excellent pick up
When the housing benefit policy came out one after another,
As more and more hardcover houses are put on the market,
And what we found was,
Packaged customisation is unleashing market dividends.
Full of people's vision for a better life,
Master hua furniture deepens intensive cultivation,
With "complete customization" strong enabling strain matrix,
Home new retail, embrace consumption upgrade.
"JANE" collection: courtyard entrance
"JANE" collection: custom yard
"JANE" collection: custom bookshelves
"JANE" collection of complete customization: bedroom
"JANE" collection: walk-in closet
"JANE" series complete customization: guest restaurant
"JANE" collection: custom dining room
"JANE" collection: the living room
High quality is not a fancy room made with high consumption.
It's all about the user's needs.
Do "people-oriented" design,
Using standardized, industrialized and modular construction methods,
Ensure the high efficiency, high standard and low consumption of the decoration process,
Balance utility with aesthetics.
Da Vinci tower internal structure drawing
You must know,
The most innovative Da Vinci tower in dubai,
It will be the world's first skyscraper built entirely from prefabricated parts.
And in the home furnishing industry,
Master China furniture brand new upgraded "complete customization",
It is the overall planning, design, production and assembly,
To achieve the standardization of decoration,
Bring people brand-new residence concept and live feeling.
And this model,
Give terminal storefront more creativity and support,
Is a prairie fire to the country fission.
"BONN"series full body customization: living room
"BONN""collection of complete customization: bedroom
"BONN "series complete customization: The bathroom
"BONN" series full customization: cloakroom
"BONN" series complete customization: study
"BONN"series full body customization: restaurant
"BONN" line of complete customization: cabinets
Master China,
Not just customized high-quality home,
But to be your life expert,
Aesthetic consultant, emotional listener and other important roles,
Participate in your work and life,
Fully construct your family culture and lifestyle.