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New products of July: minimalist Italian style, and you can Inherit a brand new look.

Brand information
2019/07/03 11:45
Italian minimalist
"The world is big, I'm small,
Some love more, I love less."
Inherit -- a minimalist wind
Minimalism is the connoisseur of fine living; Italian style, is a good hand to play fashion trends. After the design philosophy that accumulates 100 years and extremely brief gimme collision when Italy, blossom the most moving "flower of gao ling" in giving contemporary household style -- extremely brief Italian type.
Inherit -- in a prosperous city, Inherit extracts minimalist aesthetic characteristics with prudent design thinking and modern design language, reconstructs elements, materials, colors and emotions, and presents a minimalist Italian life characterized by simplicity over complexity and perfection of beauty.
It comes from the spirit of building in wyneth
Venice, a beautiful city on the water, winding water lanes, flowing clear waves, it is like a floating dream on the blue waves, poetic lingering. Venice is literally a "city on stilts." when the ancients built their houses, they drove the stilts deep into the mud under the water and then built their houses with stones. Millions of stilts were the foundation of the life of the city.
Inherit series takes it as its design inspiration to Inherit the glory and dream of life and to connect the interactive relationship of space with lines. As another masterpiece of Italian style, Inherit starts from natural, pure, minimalist, pleasant and other elements, and conveys the connotation of minimalism by using simple rectangular and small cylindrical shapes. Moreover, it constructs a smart, light, elegant and sexy advanced space with metal, glass, marble and other fashionable materials to awaken the living direction of contemporary urbanites.
Inherit takes Venetian architectural elements and presents the flexibility and elegance of space in its simplified design, light-weight modeling and humanized proportions, striving to reproduce the leisurely and pleasant life of the watertown and interpret the artistic charm of quality life.