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Direct hit | Chinese master furniture "outfit is customized" push new product again, lift tide fashion again!

Brand information
2019/07/08 01:18
On July 7, the 6-day "2019 China whole house customization exhibition & dongguan international design week" was officially launched. High-end solid wood furniture brand master hua furniture with a new customized product "Inherit" presents in this gala, presenting the beautiful one-stop home solutions to The Times, contributing to the development of the industry and enliering a better life!
The new "Inherit" builds a minimalist lifestyle
Master in March this year, China furniture with years of experience in research and development of furniture products and household planning exploration practice, conform to the trend of consumption upgrade blockbuster launch ready custom service, with "BONN", "JANE" series for example, for the masses has brought a contains design, construction, soft hard put on display in the integration of "household" one-stop "work style service" quality journey, popular. In this exhibition, a new customized furniture product named "Inherit" series by master hua arrived as scheduled and integrated into high-end and fashionable plank, kitchen and bathroom and other building materials products. From furniture to space, from hard installation to soft installation, from whole to part, it presents the extraordinary charm of Italian life in an all-round way.
Inherit takes the ancient Venetian architecture complex "above the water and on the side of poetry" as its design inspiration, and assumes the glory and dream of life with wooden stakes, conveys the connotation of minimalism with simple lines, rectangles and small columns, and presents the leisurely and pleasant life of the water city, and interprets the beauty of quality life style.
Innovation and development drive the upgrading of brand value
After experiencing the 41st famous furniture exhibition in March this year, master hua "outfit is custom-made + finished furniture" is overwhelming, brought great surprise to the whole furniture industry. From the selection of building materials, space design to fine construction, product display, master hua not only provides better quality products and services, but also provides a way of life, realizing people's ideal life of N possibilities.
When the housing market is good policy after policy, master hua "package customization" dividend highlights, is explosive growth to meet the expansion of personalized demand, brand iteration, value upgrade is just around the corner!
"2019 China whole house customization exhibition and dongguan international design week" will last until 12th, welcome furniture people with concept, ambition and pattern to come and negotiate!