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For those routes, promising ┃ Master Hua furniture exhibition well packaged in July!

Brand information
2019/07/13 14:58
On the afternoon of 12th, the six-day "2019 China whole-house customization exhibition & dongguan international design week" came to a perfect end. Inherit, a new Master Hua product of the year, opens a dialogue with your ideal life in the mode of "Inherit" and presents your powerful strength and brand confidence in the international stage, attracting a lot of attention.
Minimalist lifestyle home
In Master Hua's exhibition, "Inherit" is of the best quality. Taking the ancient buildings of Venice as the inspiration of design, they can convey the connotation of minimalism with simple lines, rectangles and small columns, and construct a smart, light, elegant and sexy advanced space with metal, glass, marble and other fashionable materials, representing the leisurely and pleasant life of the water city.
Centering on the design theme of "LESS IS MORE", the whole exhibition hall highlights the flexibility and elegance of the space through extremely simplified design, lithe modeling and humanized proportion, creating the timeless beauty of "natural, pure, minimalist and pleasant". Integrating personality, aesthetics and practicality into one, from details to the overall presentation of Italian minimalist high-end design and fine technology, leading the trend.
There is much to be done with the opportunity
With the transformation and industrial upgrading of consumption, ready to customize, industry demand for personalized tuyere, brands are competing in the market of "general household + custom" whole house, the Master Hua comply with market trend, relying on 37 years overall household furniture product research and development experience, explore the practice and the professional ready system service platform layout in landscape, space planning, custom furniture, building materials integration, soft outfit display at an organic whole, is the national progress.
In the face of fierce market competition, the Master Hua ramming endeavour, versatility, active segment of the market, dig consumption demand, constantly optimize the product line, upgrade service mode, calmly cope with the challenges of The Times, "new retail" from "furniture maker" to "ready to customize service providers" luxuriant transformation, has the Master Hua in the development process of every right of choice.
Make friends with the trend, dance with The Times and join hands with Master Hua, there will be great achievements!