Lin Binghui, chairman of Huahui Furniture: We do not pursue a honeycomb!

Dongguan Huahui Furniture Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1982, is a truly time-honored brand. Huahui Furniture has been working hard to provide consumers with natural, environmentally friendly, value-for-money and durable modern solid wood furniture. Its own furniture industrial park covers an area of ​​over 300,000 square meters and is a certified enterprise of "China Environmental Labeling".

"Huahui Dream" is to make Huashifu brand the best solid wood expert in China, and to make Huahui furniture a respected century-old brand.

The 39th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition opened on March 16 in Houjie, Dongguan, and "Master Hua", which was awarded the titles of "Guangdong Famous Trademark" and "Guangdong Famous Brand Product", made a big splash at the scene. "Master Hua" has become a solid wood expert favored by consumers. This time, we have the honor to invite Lin Binghui, chairman of Huahui Furniture, to have a conversation in the industry. The following is the transcript of the conversation:


【Q1】What kind of new products did your company bring us in this exhibition? What are the design concepts and highlights of the new product?

[Lin Binghui, Chairman of Huahui Furniture]:

Modern simplicity is more popular, and Master Hua's positioning is always the high-end market. Why choose this style? Simple and adaptable to the new era. In this era, many people like to return to the basics, and good products with originality and ingenuity.

We do not pursue a honeycomb. What does a swarm of bees mean? That is, when there are many people in the market making a style, we will not do it. We must focus on our own personality to create products and brands.

As a brand, we need to adhere to our own market positioning and brand style, and we cannot change it at will because of chasing the wind.

But no matter what products we make, we always aim to be high-end. This original intention has never changed. In this exhibition, the exhibitors are the essence and ingenuity of Master Hua.


[Q2] With the advent of the AI ​​era, smart homes have emerged. How do you view the empowerment of smart homes in the home industry? How do you view the future development of smart homes?

[Lin Binghui, Chairman of Huahui Furniture]:

Smart home is a trend, but any industry needs to be based on the characteristics of its own industry to integrate with "smart", not blindly follow the trend. The premise must be based on its own industry characteristics.

In terms of function, it is to develop towards a multi-purpose product, which is the current exploration of smart furniture. It can cooperate with high-tech enterprises to make smart furniture well.


[Q3] Since the concept of new retail was put forward, it has gradually become one of the breakthrough points for the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises. How do you define new retail? What measures will your company take for the two-way integration of online and offline?

[Lin Binghui, Chairman of Huahui Furniture]:

New retail, a new online and offline integration model, is a trend. At present, Huahui is also considering, through an appropriate method, to try in this regard. The Internet is a trend, an inevitable trend, and it has been involved before. In the past, products were sold to physical stores, and everyone always felt that physical stores would be affected. Now, the situation is not that serious.

If the Internet has more and more advantages, they should embrace each other and realize the new model of "physical store + Internet" and "industry + Internet".


[Q4] This Famous Furniture Fair put forward five key words represented by millennials: "show", "bionic", "two-dimensional", "wild trend" and "cool". Facing the new outlook on life in the future, how can your company Connect with the new consumer force?

[Lin Binghui, Chairman of Huahui Furniture]:

Millennials represent a spirit of keeping up with the times. We are constantly following the trend of the times, improving and improving the design of our products, so as to keep pace with the times.


[Q5] Big home furnishing has gradually become one of the trends in the home building materials industry. What do you think of the development of big home furnishing? How is your business responding to the development of this trend?

[Lin Binghui, Chairman of Huahui Furniture]:

The popularity of the concept of large home requires the integration of different industries. Now every industry, no longer isolated, is a kind of inclusive development. In the past, what you do is what you do.

In fact, furniture can be connected to bathroom, hardware, electrical appliances, decoration, especially decoration, which is more valuable. Send furniture directly to consumers.

Cross-industry cooperation to create a big home. You need to give up the previous products, you do yours, I do my old thinking, and develop in the direction of product integration.

However, their respective advantages cannot be lost. The premise is that based on its own products, an enterprise must do so.


【Q6】What new plans and expectations does your company have in 2018?

[Lin Binghui, Chairman of Huahui Furniture]:

This year, we will do three things first. First, improve and strengthen quality management, which is a fundamental thing; second, do a good job in innovation and research and development, which is more in line with the needs of modern people; third, serve end users well.


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