Master Hua's new product debut丨BONN Bonn series, originated from German forest aesthetics.

source of inspiration

The design concept and styling inspiration of the "BONN Bonn" series comes from the Bavarian forest in Germany, which is pure, natural and simple. Made with pure German craftsmanship, the rigor and exquisiteness from Germany are vividly displayed.

The unique natural sounds of the forest make people happy, calm and comfortable, drawers and cabinet doors can be softly closed, and the sound of wood is gentle and calm, allowing people to indulge in the perfect combination of modern design and natural ecology.

"BONN Bonn" responds to people's thinking about current life, integrates the forest aesthetic concept from Germany into furniture design, and presents more dialogue between life and soul.


nature's gift

Germans are in awe of the forest. In their eyes, every tree breathes and every grass has life. Obsessed with the purity and simplicity of each wood, "BONN Bonn" is selected from natural, environmentally friendly, healthy and durable North American black walnut. .



In order to present "pure German style", "BONN Bonn" not only continues the "ingenuity" skills that Master Hua has been adhering to, but also integrates the world's top innovative spirit.

"BONN Bonn" adheres to simple design and exquisite craftsmanship, and integrates humanized intelligent sound effects and photoelectric design to make the products more fashionable and technological, and create a higher quality life style for fashionable young people.

Rigorousness is caring, and "Master Hua" has always recognized quality in this way, but this does not mean that "BONN Bonn" does not care about the design of products. On the contrary, "BONN Bonn" not only repeatedly scrutinized the styling design, but also emphasized the perfect unity of functionality, practicality and environmental protection.


dating the forest

"It comes from mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, but it is limited by day and night, kitchen and love", when the prosperity is removed, you can feel the pure German style brought by Master Hua furniture in the epitome of the Bavarian virgin forest, and experience the leisure and romance of being close to nature. , you will find that life can be so pure and happy!


New products released in March, Master Hua furniture "BONN Bonn", come to a date with the primitive jungle of Bavaria, Germany!