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Mainly engaged the business of Furniture research, manufacturing, home furnishing transport and villa/hotel projects supplying


BONN, the pure German craft is made, design idea and modelling inspiration come from -- Bavarian forest of Germany, pure, natural, plain.


Using traditional handicraft techniques to interpret materials in a unique style, we can achieve a modern classic that transcends eternity.


Inspired by the modern American life style, the American furniture and modern furniture style elements are fused to make a new definition of the modern life style of leisure and leisure.


Inheriting the Nordic style, absorbing modern concepts and presenting the beauty of solid wood. Boreal Europe creed is life concept


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Dongguan Crafit Furniture Industrial Co.,LTD was established officially in 1982, kept fulfilling craftsman sprit, devoted to provide environmental, cost-effectively modern durable solid wood furniture , Crafit owns furniture industrial park of more than 300,000 square meters area; got “Chinese environment mark" award. Its brand "Masterhua" was awarded "Guangdong famous trademark" and "Guangdong famous brand product". Crafit has become the beloved solid wood furniture experts of numerous consumers.



Warmly welcome dongguan private enterprise investment chamber of commerce to visit our company exchange!
This afternoon, more than 20 people from dongguan private enterprise investment chamber of commerce visited our company.
2019-11-13 20:23
Love hiking, love life -- 2019Hua shifu furniture public welfare hiking activity successfully held!
This morning, Crafit furniture, famous furniture expo garden,
2019-10-27 13:27
For those routes, promising ┃ Master Hua furniture exhibition well packaged in July!
On the afternoon of 12th, the six-day "2019 China whole-house customization exhibition & dongguan international design week" came to a perfect end.
2019-07-13 14:58

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