Huahui Group's 2022 Commencement Mobilization Meeting was successfully held!

On February 16, 2022, Huahui Group successfully held the 2022 mobilization meeting in the conference room on the fourth floor of the group. The meeting was attended by middle and senior managers and business backbones of the group, subsidiaries and business units.

The meeting was presided over by Mr. An Haiqiang, a senior consultant of the group.

Mr. An released the "Huahui Group 2022 General Outline", and explained in detail the Huahui Group's "Second Three-Year Plan" outline and 2022 general operating principles.

In the past few years, based on the strategic keynote of "stability-innovation", the Group has made effective attempts and breakthroughs in the system, mechanism, business model, etc., and formed a relatively clear development path and management paradigm, which has entered a new development cycle for the company. Laid a good foundation. In this context, the company has formulated the general operating rules for 2022 of "being proactive, concentrating on major events, and seizing the development window period".

With the upgrading of consumption and the reform of the supply side, the furniture industry has entered the era of "full-fitting and full-fitting" from "the era of single furniture products". At the same time, the relationship of the entire industrial chain of the home furnishing has also transitioned from the linear distribution of assembly lines to the distribution of circular ecosystems.

In order to meet the needs of business development in the new era, the Group has determined the operation center system ecosystem, that is, the "operation center" according to its own positioning, designs the business content and business model with "customization" as the core, and organizes various upstream The target product, after the integration of the whole system, is provided to each downstream unit, and finally a closed-loop small ecosystem of healthy development is established.

At the meeting, Mr. Lin Binghui, chairman of the group, delivered an important speech:

Director Lin first affirmed the work achievements of various subsidiaries and business divisions in 2021. The factory actively broke through the custom-made business, the marketing company formed a competitive business model, the direct sales company innovated the store building model, and the Sanshui project went smoothly. The development, Jianli Eichi Home Furnishings actively prepared, etc., praised the outstanding employee representatives who won the "Ten-Year Contribution Award" and the "Group 2021 Incentive Award", and praised the wisdom and fighting spirit of the Huahui people they represent.

Lin Dong emphasized that the first priority in work is to set goals. The goal is the direction, if the goal is correct, even if you take a detour, you will always reach it; the goal is performance, and work must be closely focused on the goal, and the goal is the core to be valuable; the goal is the responsibility, everyone must have a clear responsibility, and must be goal-oriented . At the same time, when setting goals this year, the subsidiaries and business departments should not be reluctant to be mediocre, but should be ambitious, proactive, and dare to challenge.

Director Lin reiterated the need to strengthen the construction of the company's cultural soft power, actively learn and inherit the company's enterprise spirit of "diligence, refinement and innovation", and transform it into productivity through intelligent struggle. As the first responsible person of corporate culture, cadres need to upload and release, and the human resources department should organize various forms of learning activities, learn corporate culture and general management principles, and improve the execution of all employees.

At the same time, Director Lin emphasized that in order to promote the healthy and sound development of the company and realize the long-term plan of "a century-old enterprise", the group decided to implement the "three-year plan" model from 2018, and 2022 is the "second three-year plan". In the second year, the company formulated the 2022 general operating principles of "being proactive, concentrating on major events, and seizing the development window period", requiring all subsidiaries and business divisions to fully implement and practice.

Mr. Lin Xukun, the general manager of Dongguan Huahui Furniture Industry Co., Ltd., delivered the opening speech, indicating that the "Group General Outline" is the guiding ideology of the company's operation. The strategic development of solid wood minimalist two halls + custom-made "big store" model.

Mr. Lin Xutao, general manager of Guangdong Yongli Huahui Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., delivered the opening speech, indicating that the "Group Outline" is the direction and action guide for the company's development. Studios in community business districts, etc.

Ms. Guo Liwei, general manager of Guangdong Huashifu Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., delivered the opening speech, indicating that the "General Outline of the Group" is the guiding ideology of the company's development. She will keep the mission and goals in mind, do the difficult and right things, actively promote the whole decoration business, and land in more areas. Headquarters store.

During the meeting, the chairman appointed the middle and senior management of each subsidiary and business unit.

At the meeting, the group issued the "Ten Years of Contribution Award" to reward employees who have worked in the company for ten years and thank them for their ten years of perseverance and hard work.

At the same time, the "Group 2022 Incentive Plan" was announced at the meeting, and it is hoped that more outstanding employees will become "Huahui Persons of the Year" and can be on the podium at this time next year!

At the end of the meeting, Director Lin issued a call to start construction in the whole group:

Cadres play a key role in the development of an enterprise. A strong cadre will lead to a strong team, and a strong team will lead to a strong company. All cadres must continue to carry forward the Huahui spirit, work hard with wisdom, and achieve better results. Cadres should take performance as the core, performance is the foundation of enterprise survival, and enterprise management should use data to speak.

Lin Dong pointed out that there are three things to do well, the first is the spirit and strength of the team, the second is the maximization of corporate profits, and the third is the distribution of interests.

Finally, Lin Dong called for the finals to start, and the sprint to start. All Huahui people should work hard with wisdom and strive to be the first to achieve the goal of 2022!