Master Hua's flagship store in Dongguan City is grandly opened!

On the morning of January 10, 2022, Master Hua's flagship store in Dongguan City opened in Venice Square.

The guests who attended the opening ceremony include: Mo Ruihui, Chairman of Dongguan Custom Home Furnishing Association, Huang Zhuoming, Chairman of Dongguan Building Decoration Association, Mai Debin, Chairman of Dongguan Interior Architecture Design Industry Association, Deng Jianjun, Chairman of Dongguan Green Building Association, Agricultural Cai Bing, Vice President of Dongguan Branch of Bank Co., Ltd., Chairman of Dongguan Famous Furniture Expo Garden Jiyong, General Manager of Dongguan Bailima Shopping Mall, Qiu Yongliang, Deputy General Manager of Dongguan Discovery Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Ma Yuling, Dongguan Famous Furniture Club Chairman & Chairman of Dongguan Huahui Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. Mr. Lin Binghui.

In this festive day, let us witness the important moment of the opening of Master Hua's independent store!

The ancients said: "Change leads to communication, generalization leads to success, and success leads to the benefit of the world." In the post-epidemic era with sharp changes in market demand, the main body of household consumption has become younger, and the development potential of the sinking market is huge.

At the celebration, Mr. Mo Ruihui, President of Dongguan Custom Home Furnishing Industry Association, from the perspective of the current development of the industry, put forward the remarkable point of firmly taking the line of high-quality full-case design services to meet the individual needs of consumers, and at the same time expressed Good hope for the development of Master Hua's home furnishing!

Mr. Lin Binghui described the 40-year development history of Master Hua Home Furnishings in plain and powerful language, inheriting the classics with ingenuity, making furniture comfortable, practical, stylish and warm, and creating a better life. Firm the brand mission, go out with better products and services, and occupy the market.

Mr. Lin Xukun, general manager of Dongguan Huahui Furniture Industry Co., Ltd., mentioned in his opening speech that the flagship store of Huashifu in Venice Plaza is the first independent store of Huashifu in downtown Dongguan, and it is a forward-looking exploration of a new development model. The independent store model may become a new opportunity for the development of the home furnishing market!

The rise of the independent store model is a new means for the brand to grasp the market development trend, and it is an inevitable choice for Huashifu to achieve rapid development with the independent flagship store model to accelerate its entry into the first- and second-tier cities.

In terms of store image design and product configuration, it adopts a unique brand operation mode. The in-store Chuanjiang series products are in a minimalist style, which is exciting. The unified and overall space and the rich details display create a sense of hierarchy and rhythm in the visual aesthetic experience of the space, and enjoy the ultimate charm of the minimalist space.

At present, Master Hua's home furnishing products cover living spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, and tea rooms. With standardized, industrialized, and modular solutions, the entire case is integrated, and high-quality finished furniture and customized services are used to win the market. Approved.

In many furniture categories, through the space matching of the performance and color of each product, integrating life aesthetics and artistic aesthetics, creating an immersive home experience atmosphere for consumers, and truly creating a WYSIWYG living space.

We allow consumers to experience high-quality home life by providing consumers with high-quality finished furniture and full-case customization services. Master Hua Home, accompany you to spend every wonderful time with your family!