Warm congratulations to Mr. Lin Binghui, Chairman of Huahui Group, on being elected as Chairman of Dongguan Famous Furniture Club

On the evening of August 10th, the inauguration ceremony of the 6th Council of Dongguan Famous Furniture Club and the welcome dinner of the 36th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition were grandly held at the Jiahua Hotel in Houjie. Executive guests, industry associations, shopping malls, dealers, media and other guests from all over the country witnessed this historical moment.

Mr. Lin Binghui, chairman of Huahui Furniture Group, was elected as the chairman of the sixth council of Dongguan Famous Furniture Club.

Mr. Lin Binghui delivered an important speech at the inauguration ceremony. He pointed out that in the future, the club's work can be roughly summarized by "introducing strong foreign aid, cultivating internal strength, and coordinating relationships". The club will strengthen close ties with the government and relevant functional departments, and continue to strengthen brand promotion. In addition to promotion in overseas professional exhibitions and professional media, it will also expand the popularity of Dongguan furniture and even Chinese furniture. Relying on famous furniture exhibitions, it will build an extensive industry exchange platform and strengthen domestic and foreign furniture associations, chambers of commerce, designer organizations, and professional media. to promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign industries. Through the famous furniture machinery material exhibition, famous furniture and home accessories exhibition, creative design space, international procurement center, etc., the industry chain is continuously improved to provide a better environment for the development of member enterprises. Serve members, serve the industry, and serve the society. And service will be the soul of the famous furniture club. Because of this, the famous furniture club has become a "character" of Dongguan furniture. It is precisely because of this character that it has won the trust of the industry and made due contributions to the industry. contribute.

Dongguan Huahui Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Houjie, Dongguan, the capital of Chinese furniture. The company has a construction area of ​​over 300,000 square meters. It is a furniture enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing, and sales services. The company was founded in 1982. After more than 30 years of hard work, it has developed into a company with 2 factories, 1 modern brand industrial park, 1 marketing company, 1 branch company, more than 500 specialty stores, and more than 20 direct sales departments. 's enterprise. The company's "Master Hua" brand has won the "Guangdong Famous Trademark" and "Guangdong Famous Brand Product". favored by consumers.

At present, China's economy has shown an L-shaped trend, and there is a long way to go for future development. On the road of transformation and upgrading, we have enough patience and perseverance. There is an old saying of "Thirty to stand". After 34 years of trials and hardships, Huahui Group has become more mature and robust. As the winner of the Meritorious Achievement Award in China's furniture industry, Huahui Group's 34 years have been the leader in the development of China's national furniture industry. historical witness. We believe that under the new normal, with the strong support of leaders at all levels, the strong help of brothers in the industry chain, and the joint efforts of all members of the club, as long as our furniture enterprises continue to be brave in innovation, we will realize the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry. Create a new situation in the furniture industry.