Warm congratulations to Mr. Lin Binghui, Chairman of Huahui Group, for his re-election as Chairman of Dongguan Famous Furniture Club!

On the evening of July 6th, the "20th Birthday of Dongguan Famous Furniture Club and the inauguration ceremony of the new leadership core" was grandly held. Representatives of well-known home shopping malls and all colleagues, distributors and media friends of Dongguan Famous Furniture Club witnessed this historical moment.

Chairman Lin Binghui expressed his heartfelt thanks to the local government, friendly business associations, and people from all walks of life who have been caring and supporting the club for 20 years. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to the founding chairman Chen Zhongqiu to develop the foundation of the club and the eternal honorary chairman Yin Chengzhi for his pioneering work of unremittingly expanding the influence of the industry. Showed great respect.

He emphasized that the economic situation has entered a new normal, and the furniture industry is facing major changes. Under the theme goal of "Inheriting Ingenuity and Creating Ecology", the club will stick to its original intention, make persistent efforts, deepen the "two places, one family", and continue to build a "brand base". ” and “Design Highland”, continue to build “Furniture People’s Home”, link industry-related resources such as design and universities, and integrate industry front-end resources and back-end manufacturing for integrated development.

He believes that in the new era, with the support of leaders at all levels, the help of industry brothers, and the joint efforts of all members of the club, a new situation can certainly be created.

Dongguan Huahui Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-end solid wood furniture enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing, and sales services. It has 2 modern factories, 2 marketing companies, more than 400 specialty stores, and more than 20 direct sales stores. . Its "Master Hua" brand has seven series and six styles of furniture products of Bonn, Jianyi, Han's, Meishang, Chuanjiang, Nordicism, and Wujin Times, covering all the spaces of the whole house, and providing customized services for the whole house. The majority of consumers of all ages.

37 years of trials and hardships, 37 years of hard work, Huahui Furniture has become more mature and robust. Huahui Furniture has the patience, confidence and determination to work with many brothers in the industry to help the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry and open up a new situation!