"Master Hua" has been fully upgraded, and a new journey of brand development has begun!

At the International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition in March 2021, "Master Hua" released a brand new brand image - Crafit Hua Shifu Home Furnishing, which will be displayed in the VI logo, product design, and storefronts based on its [Chuanjiang] series. , terminal services and other aspects will be comprehensively improved to start a new journey of brand development.

The new LOGO of "Master Hua" adopts a combination of Chinese and English, deeply integrating the craftsmanship into the corporate culture of "Crafit (Huahui)", and is determined to build a century-old brand; the change of Chinese characters from "furniture" to "home" shows its continuous innovation The pioneering spirit of the service model. The Chinese characters adopt the distinctive Founder Three Treasures, a symbol of seeking progress while maintaining stability, steadfastness and harmony. The new version of the LOGO is bright and concise as a whole, more recognizable, and in line with the brand's fashionable and refined aesthetics, full of modernity and vitality.

"Master Hua" has been deeply involved in the furniture industry for nearly 40 years. It has a profound background in the fields of production and research and development, and enjoys a high degree of recognition in the market. In the context of the double upgrade of consumption and aesthetics, "Master Hua" empowers the brand transformation with the overall home furnishing model, positions the high-end market with a forward-looking and international vision, with more novel designs, more fashionable colors, more exquisite craftsmanship, and more sizes. In this way, it brings users a steady stream of home solutions that meet individual needs, and the brand is very tense.

The terminal store is the first business card that reflects the brand characteristics and displays the brand culture. In order to create a storefront image that conforms to the brand genes and product characteristics, "Master Hua" will focus on store layout, product display, lighting rendering, door design and product combination forms, etc. A new round of store upgrades has been gradually launched, so that it not only retains the connotation of brand precipitation, but also incorporates more popular, fashionable and cool elements to create an open, enterprising, young and energetic international brand image.

"Master Hua" is committed to providing users with perfect home furnishing solutions. After years of R&D accumulation and exploration and practice, it has built a mature self-assembly customization system and moved forward to the era of large customization. At the same time, Master Hua's service system has also been upgraded from finished products to Full case class. The whole case service system includes design, decorative panels, soft decoration, finished products and customized furniture, etc. At the same time, it realizes the real integration of the whole case through standardized, industrialized and modular construction methods to meet market demands with higher quality and efficiency.

Based on the new brand image and connotation, "Master Hua" will seize the opportunity of the times, exert design innovation, model innovation, achieve steady expansion and development, and become a very competitive brand in the home furnishing industry!