Master Hua's "Minimalist Modern Overall Home Furnishing" new product launch conference was successfully held!

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On the afternoon of March 15th, the new product launch of "Minimalist Modern Overall Home Furnishing" brand by Master Hua was held in the atrium on the first floor of the Expo Park. A number of mainstream media in the home furnishing industry, industry guests, and representatives of brand dealers gathered here to witness this important moment.
The conference was hosted by Mr. An Haiqiang, senior consultant of Huahui Group. Mr. An expressed his sincere welcome to the guests and friends who came from afar, and then introduced the theme of this conference and shared the brand strategy of Master Hua. He pointed out that Master Hua is a brand that has been deeply involved in the home furnishing industry for 39 years. It is a participant and witness of the production and development of modern furniture in China. As an evergreen furniture enterprise, as the first batch of Dongguan furniture star brands, it has already formed a brand that belongs to Its own way of management has a mature R&D and brand operation system; Master Hua's "overall home" is the product of consumption upgrading, and it is also the result of Master Hua's high-quality service to create a high-quality brand, and has broad market prospects.
Mr. Karsten Meyer, the chief designer of Master Hua's home furnishing and a famous German designer, shared his many years of design concepts and the secret of becoming attached to Master Hua. Mr. Karsten Meyer has cooperated with Mr. Graff, a famous German inventor, for five years. He has traveled to many countries and learned elements and inspirations from different regional cultures around the world. He said that Master Hua is a forward-looking home furnishing brand. This time, together with Master Hua, the aim is to integrate the most cutting-edge and trendy international design into life and bring the enjoyment of beauty to the public.
Mr. Li Shuqing, director of Master Hua's Home Furnishing Brand Center, made an in-depth interpretation of the new product of "Chuanjiang" from the aspects of product positioning, design concept, image upgrade, and whole case design services. He said that with consumption upgrading and market sinking, the home furnishing industry still has huge potential and investment dividends. Master Hua will continue to innovate products and services, empower dealers, and provide a comprehensive and sustainable growth value system.
Ms. Guo Liwei, an excellent distributor representative of Master Hua Home Furnishings, shared her experience and feelings about the operation of the “Chuan Jiang” series. profit growth point. Whether it is product design or image creation, people can feel that the brand of Master Hua has been innovating, improving and upgrading, which brings great confidence to our store operations.
The series "Minimalist Modern Overall Home Furnishing", as Master Hua's masterpiece in 2021, fully infiltrated the core genes of the brand's 39 years of precipitation, adhered to the high-end market positioning, created high quality with ingenuity, and continuously improved service capabilities to meet the needs of the public Beautiful imagination of home!

 New image, new upgrade, new value! Master Hua's "Artisan" series "Minimalist Modern Overall Home" is blooming brightly at booth C09, Hall 3, 2A01-02 and Hall 3 of the Expo Garden. Welcome to come and taste it!