Introducing the old and bringing forth the new, empowering upward | Master Hua's September exhibition ended wonderfully!

The 4-day "46th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition" came to an end today. Master Hua Home Furnishing recreated the brand value of Master Hua Home Furnishings through the creation of living rooms and dining rooms as well as the blessing of the exhibition hall customized for the whole case. , to win the attention of many merchants.


01 New product research and development to help brand life

This exhibition is a feast of space aesthetics, a new exploration of home aesthetics, and a new interpretation of the concept of life. The Chuanjiang series products are the main new products of Huashifu Home Furnishing. Since their launch, they have attracted the attention of many young consumers and continue to support the brand. It is based on minimalist modern style, follows the concept of "less is more", and shows the yearning for life aesthetics through furniture. Adhering to the fashion, simplicity and modernity, it shows the sense of luxury at home with strong solid wood elements and leather art.


02 Craftsmanship builds high-quality products, giving brand tension

The painstaking efforts paid off, nearly 40 years of precipitation, and continuous accumulation of potential energy to achieve gorgeous transformation. Do things with heart, build carefully, and win people's hearts. The brand's sincerity and intentions can be seen in the overall image and furnishings of the new products of the Chuanjiang series in the exhibition hall, and the visiting guests have received rave reviews. From furniture manufacturers to overall home service providers, high-quality products endow the brand with unlimited tension, and the "finished product + customization" operation mode gives the brand unlimited possibilities for development.


03 Multi-dimensional innovation to enhance brand value

With the change of consumption concept and the improvement of aesthetics, Master Hua Home Furnishing has continuously introduced high-quality talents, cultivated high-quality craftsmen, and contributed to the development of the brand. Master Hua Home Furnishing has comprehensively improved product design, quality control, channel layout, user experience, etc., and provides terminal design services that integrate space planning, customized furniture, finished furniture, and soft furnishings, so that "innovative" The concept of “Model, Empowering Terminal” was further implemented.


In terms of process polishing and raw material selection, we strictly control, and strive to give customers the best quality service and the most comfortable home experience. In Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places, the Chuanjiang series is hitting the market with the trend of "a single spark can start a prairie fire", and the brand value of Huashifu Home Furnishing is gradually rising!


Chuanjiang's minimalist and modern overall home furnishing exhibition in September ended successfully, and Master Hua's home furnishing has gained a lot in project negotiation and channel cooperation. Thank you for your support and love for Master Hua Home Furnishing. In the past, Master Hua Home Furnishing has achieved remarkable results; in the future, Master Hua Home Furnishing will create greater glories and strive to create a better life!