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China master furniture 2016 national sales elite training conference officially launched

Brand information
2016/06/21 14:46



Guide to the dealer, the manager and the sales techniques with faster, more ascension, on June 20, China master furniture held a five-day "2016 annual national sales elite training meeting". This training session attracted nearly 200 sales elites from all over the country to gather in dongguan houjie to recharge their learning and strive to achieve self-breakthrough, team breakthrough and leap in performance.






Teacher training in China furniture general manager Mr Lin Xukun welcome speech, the company invited to inline famous lecturer team and company internal trainer team for joint lecture, course content is very rich, and practical, involving micro letter and the store (such as) of the guest, the promotion of multi-channel sales mode, etc.





Training process, the instructor and the students interaction teaching, caused the students a warm response, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the students, make whole training is carried out in a cheerful and lively atmosphere.




The training session also laid a foundation for the "China master furniture night -7.16 master factory direct purchase meeting" on July 16. I hope you can apply what you have learned in class to your practice, so as to record a new high in sales performance and write a new chapter in sales in 2016.