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Statement on online sales of "master of China" furniture products

Brand information
2015/10/19 16:14
Dear customer friends,
First of all, thank you very much for your support and trust in the "master of China" furniture brand!
In order to ensure product quality and quality service and fully protect the interests of consumers, master furniture has been strictly managing the sales channels. And recently, we found that the individual unit and individual without approval authorization, we use the "China masters" furniture brand, to the inferior products on the Internet as China master furniture products, illegal propaganda and sales activities, causing consumer fraud, and serious damage to the company and the "China masters" furniture brand image and reputation.
In order to protect our customers, consumers, authorized furniture stores and our company's legitimate rights and interests, we hereby solemnly declare as follows:
1, raf furniture co., LTD., dongguan city, the "China masters" furniture brand, all products only in the face of the company authorized entity shop sales, has never authorized any unit or individual sales of the company products through the network, online sales at any form of "China masters" furniture products, all are fake and shoddy products, belong to the infringement. Our company reserves the right to investigate the legal liability of the infringer in accordance with the law, and adopts legal approaches to investigate the relevant legal liability of the violator and compensate for all losses caused to the company.
2, in our company authorized entity shop sales channels to buy the products, our company shall not be admitted to the company's products, shall not take any responsibility for the quality of their products, at the same time do not enjoy the company of any after-sales service;
3, before consumer is buying the company's products, can master furniture to China's official website: www.crafit.com.cn or call our national customer service hotline: 400-062-8838 and understanding of our company, "China masters" brand furniture details.
Dongguan huahui furniture industry co. LTD
October 16, 2015