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Crafit group Spring Festival gala 2016

Brand information
2016/02/22 15:15


Golden monkey dance New Year, phoenix send auspicious. 2015 will become the common memory, you and me fit and with good will to 2016, raf group company 2015 annual honor commendation congress and the Spring Festival gala in January 31, 2016 was held in the four seasons restaurant. Raf group, dongguan raf furniture industrial co., LTD., foshan sanshui broad raf industrial co., LTD., co., LTD., dongguan city, guangdong yong unilever fai household master furniture co., LTD. Of China personnel harbor the joyful mood together, friendship between colleagues, family relationship between employees and enterprises are gathering here, became a sea of joy.





Annual meeting at the beginning, the company chairman Mr Bing-hui Lin delivered a warm speech, to inventory of 2015 years of success, and to contribute to the company of all my colleagues for a long time, as always, support the development of the company dealers across the country, and the social from all walks of life support and help of raf, my friends, my heartfelt thanks!








The company has completed numerous transformation over the past 30 years and has always adhered to the hua-hui belief of "dare to challenge and continue to develop", and completed the sublimation of "quality" and "quantity". In the course of more than 30 years of development, the company has also created a number of management talents. Today there is a group of brilliant stars, accepted by the company issued by the board chairman Mr Bing-hui Lin and mid-level managers "appointment letter", and in Lin Xukun read out the general manager under the leadership of the declaration of the inauguration. Subsequently, the company commended outstanding employees, outstanding management cadres, and awarded gold MEDALS to the contributors of the tenth anniversary of the company, giving them high honor.













This meeting each department staff brought wonderful performances, dance, singing, sketch shows, colorful, brilliant, intersperses among the lucky draw link, with six award, five award, zhong wanxie, third prize, second prize, first prize, the cash award, special-class award of extraction, continuously lifted the climax of the annual conference. The evening party not only brought us laughter and laughter, but also brought our colleagues closer to each other, making songs, applause and cheers ripple all the time.












Farewell to the glorious year of 2015 and embrace the hard year of 2016. With the feelings of passion, in the face of 2016, we had no slack, we have no fear, there is a better project waiting for us to develop, have greater market waiting for us to conquer, more spectacular career to artificial intelligence and talent, let us together with confidence and courage, strutting, writing to raf group company more brilliant future.