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"Master of China furniture 2015 national sales elite training conference" concluded successfully

Brand information
2015/11/09 15:57


On November 6, 2015, the five-day China master furniture national sales elite training conference was successfully concluded, and the end of the training session was the beginning of students' self-change...
Five days of learning time, we spend in the nervous and happy, in every training teacher attentively the course of teaching, we study the terminal service etiquette, product knowledge, the terminal stores selling techniques such as close to the end of the practice course, deeply learn the professional knowledge products, and further understand the product design and selling point. Substantial in content, compact course, learn and practice, the arrangement of the practice after the test, let the students in the nervous and orderly, serious and lively learning atmosphere to harvest the rich knowledge, full of joy and laughter in the sales of actual combat simulation exercises master practical terminal sales skills.





Situational practice, practical operation
In order to better cope with actual combat, the training also designed a one-to-one sales simulation exercise, combining theory with sales practice. Some students act as picky customers, while others act as enthusiastic end buyers. The teacher is responsible for the evaluation and scoring, and the best students will be awarded according to their performance.
Talent shows enhance friendship
More than 200 outstanding students from all over the country attended this training, basically for the first time. Therefore, in order to deepen mutual understanding and enhance friendship, the training session also arranged a variety of entertainment activities. Each group performs a show and shows off their talents. When they left, they took pictures of each other and said goodbye to each other The short 5 days together, enhanced the master furniture of China this family centripetal force and cohesion.










The training has been fruitful and the students are confident
Five days of training, full and happy. The students gained knowledge together, improved their sales skills and enhanced their friendship. "This training I am very happy, harvest a lot, I benefit a lot from the teacher insightful commentary, master in China have a more profound understanding, situational exercises exercise my eloquence, strengthened my professional knowledge, in the future work, I'll be more confident good service to our clients!" "Liang yan, from the master's store in daqing, heilongjiang province, talked about her feelings.



The profession manifests in the service, the attentiveness ability achieves the best. In the future, master furniture of China will further take the road of characteristic training, build a professional strong and powerful sales elite team, continue to lead in the fierce competition in the furniture industry, stride forward.
Below is the silhouette of Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of master furniture of China, for the team and individual award winners of this training conference:



Won the first prize of the team: group G, got a beautiful gift and an honorary certificate;



The student who won the first prize of PK contest in the live-action rehearsal is liang yan from the master store of daqing China, heilongjiang province, who won one apple iPhone6S mobile phone, plaque and certificate.



Get real drills PK competition second prize students to master specialty stores is the hebei handan China FengYa, houjie town, dongguan heng feng hua teacher may store, the won the tablet a, plaque and certificate;




Get real exercise PK game third prize of students to master specialty stores is the guangzhou panyu China Mao Chunxiang, master store Feng Juan, societe generale, houjie town, dongguan, China shenzhen city China European master store yan-li wang, the won sports bracelet a, plaque and certificate;



The winner of 2015 real scene case contest of master hua furniture took a photo with Mr. Lin xukun, the general manager.