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China master furniture 2015 national sales elite training conference

Brand information
2015/11/04 02:03


In order to further enhance the management level of store personnel, sales skills and master the influence of the brand, enhance China company held for five days, "China masters furniture 2015 annual national sales elite training meeting".





On November 2, 2015, more than 200 sales elites from all over the country gathered at the headquarters of houjie, dongguan houjie for the five-day training.





Master in training meeting, China furniture general manager Mr Lin Xukun delivered an important speech, s first to master sales elites from all over the country China expressed the warm welcome, for everyone has been achieved and expressed fully affirmation, love of learning attitude and ask the sales elites in the training meeting to learn, to practice. After the training, I will return to work with full enthusiasm and positive attitude, so that the annual performance will reach a new high!






The training company has made the careful preparation for a long period of time, a positive mental attitude will explain in detail from the professional knowledge and restore health and to the common problems in the actual sales solutions aspects such as teaching, combining theory with practice, fully master and China sales elite friends study together, to discuss how to deepen the channel construction, build a strong sales terminal.







I wish all the teacher here, China furniture sales elite students in this training, full of harvest and improve their professional knowledge, master of China furniture to create a better performance, realizes own dream our life!!!!!!!